Oakland Homicide Victims

2014 Homicide Summary

I warn you that some of these are hard to read.
A lot of innocent people died in Oakland in 2014.
However some of them were just thugs killing each other and it's almost relieving to know there is one less animal out there. You'll understand after reading.

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The City of Oakland's official report states 80 but I clearly count 81. I'm not sure where the discrepancy arrives but it is what it is.
Also you'll notice a few officer involved shootings which other news sites count as homicides and that's why they have higher numbers like 86.

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January 2014, 7 Homicides, 2 Police Killings
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Lee Weathersby III, 13 Info
Jan 1st, 104th Ave & Walnut St. East Oakland
Unknown violence, aka Town Business. His older brother gets murdered on the 19th(see below).

Miguel Barboza, 37 Info
Jan 4th, 3600 block of International Blvd. Fruitvale
Possible argument with unknown person.

Brandon Clemens, 24 Info
Jan 16th, 2000 block of 14th Ave. East Oakland
Shot and killed during a robbery as he was walking with a friend who was oddly not shot or hurt. Killer caught in connection with Feb 22nd Killing(seen below).

Lamar Broussard & Derryck Harris, both 19 Info
Jan 19th, 100th and Longfellow Ave. East Oakland
Unknown, they were ambushed and shot while driving in their car. Lamar was Lee Weathersby III's(killed Jan 1st) older brother Likely unrelated to his younger bothers death.

Antonio Mestas, 19 | Jose Munguia, 21 Info
Jan 21st, Both East Oakland after car chases
California Highway Patrol Kills 2 Men, Separate Shootings. Both cases the suspects ran and had visible hand guns and were fleeing after high speed chases and put themselves in a deadly situation so I am hesitant at calling these "homicides".

Justice Toliver, 17 Info
Jan 23rd, 801 Franklin St. Downtown Oakland
Mother of a 2 year old. Shot and killed by her own brother, Mario Toliver Jr, 14, during an argument. He then went on to hide from police for several days before turning himself in. Solved

Raymon Kent, 25 Info
Jan 27th, Walgreens Parking lot, 3434 High St. East Oakland / Laurel District
He was "confronted" in the parking lot around 9pm and then shot by an unidentified suspect who fled in a car. Reason unknown. Maybe a robbery. Police do not know what Kent, from Alameda was doing in the parking lot which leads me to believe he never went in the store.

February 2014, 10 Murders

Denzell Jones, 15 | Kanem Ayers, 35 Info
Feb 1st, 900 block of 24th Street outside Boys and Girls Club. West Oakland
Unknown, they were standing out front when someone walked up and opened fire. No motive established.

Francis Chuka Nwagbo, 35 Info
Feb 4th, 600 block 31st St. West Oakland
The 2 men knew each other and the suspect Jessie James Taylor, 35 of Oakland was arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing. Solved.

Susan Fong, 77 Info
Feb 7th, 1800 Block 34th Ave. East Oakland
Home invasion robbery. Susan was dead upon arrival, yet the man was unharmed. Forced entry shown but maybe nothing was taken, Unsolved mystery.

Carole Wilson, 69 Info
Feb 8th, 1700 block 103rd Ave. East Oakland
Roommate? Partner? Jeff Girard claims to have drunkenly killed Carole after hitting her in the head with an axe, he then tried to dismember the body to dispose of it. Solved.

Elizabeth Keller, 44 Info
Feb 10th, 1400 block of 88th Ave. East Oakland
Unknown, was found shot at an apartment building she did not live at. Police responded to Shot Spotter report, not a phone call. No motives.

Damon Smith, 36 Info
Feb 12th, 3700 block of International Blvd. Fruitvale
Shooting left 3 injured, one dead. A man walked up and just opened fire on them. Unknown motive, victims would not corporate.

Marcellus Perry, 18 Info
Feb 20th, 77th and Bancroft Ave. East Oakland
Engaged in a "gun battle" where he was shot and killed and 4 others were wounded. This act of insane violence took place in broad daylight on the streets and a nearby bus was even hit with a stray bullet. Perry was actually fleeing in a car with "friends"(suspected gang activity) when they just ditched him on the side of the road to die from gunshot wounds.

Innocent Okoronkwo Jr, 24 Info
Feb 22nd, 2400 block 14th Ave. Near Highland Hospital, East Oakland
A dispute at a house party lead to a 24 year old man being shot and killed only a few blocks from Highland Hospital. In this case it turns out the suspect was caught later and even tied to the murder of a robbery victim back in January. You can only wonder how many other people this scum has murdered? Solved.

Derrick Simmon, 43 Info
Feb 26th, 1100 block 76th Ave & Rudsdale St. East Oakland.
Derrick was shot and killed while standing outside of his home in East Oakland. The suspect then fled in a car. Unknown Motive.

March 2014, 6 Killings, 2 "Other" Deaths
Unidentified, Info
Mar 1st, 1800 block of 34th Ave. East Oakland
This one is odd, it is the same house where Susan Fong was found dead last month on the 7th. And word is, even though his identity wasn't released, he was the nephew of Susan Fong and the fire was suspicious. But good ole OPD has this one as unsolved as far as I can see. It may not count as a murder because they seemed to pull it off as a mysterious fire death. Oakland needs a better CSI unit.

Tianya Gaddis, 25 Info
Mar 1st, 7800 block of Garfield Ave. East Oakland
Unknown, a group of about 10 were hanging out near the Eastmont Substation when gun fire erupted either amongst them or from another group. Witnesses did not give the information needed to aid the investigation. It is unclear if Tianya was an intended target or hit by a stray.

Jacob Velasquez, 24 Solved?
Mar 5th, 2500 block of 11th Ave. East Oakland
Jacob was found dead at the scene after a shooting was reported near Bella Vista Elementary School. He used to live in this neighborhood. No motive, unsolved.
Update! His little sister reached out to let me know that a 30 year old suspect by the name of Jonathan Rhone was arrested in March and is on trial now. More info here. I will keep you updated if I get any more info.

Felicha Ward, 38 Info
Mar 8th, 98th Ave and Plymouth. East Oakland
Mother of 5, killed in a hit and run car collision. I'm not sure if this counts as a "homicide" but the suspect fled the scene and was never caught.

Manie Mason, 74 Info
Mar 15th, 3400 block of 64th Ave. East Oakland
Manie died in March but wasn't ruled a homicide until July. There is absolutely zero detail beyond that.

Johnathan Lacey, 32 Info
Mar 25th, 1600 block of Eighth St. Lower Bottoms, West Oakland
A drive by shooting in West Oakland's Campbell Village Housing Complex. The car believed to be used in the shooting was found burning later on the 800 block of Pine St. Unsolved, no motive.

Shamarr D. Owens, 27 Info
Mar 28th, 900 block of 43rd St. North Oakland
Shamarr, from Emeryville, was shot and killed outside of a liquor store in North Oakland while sitting inside a car. His friend sitting inside the car was also shot and critically wounded but was said to be on the path to surviving. No motive, unsolved crime.

Willie D. Gilbert, 17 Info
Mar 31st, Location Unknown
Willie was dropped off at Highland Hospital to die. Little is known about this case other than he was shot. Unsolved.

April, 5 Homicides
Ralph Quarel, 21 Info
Apr 1st, 5900 block of Bromley Ave, Seminary. East Oakland
Ralph was shot while driving near Seminary. Another passenger in the car was also shot but survived. There is no motive and it remains unsolved.

Kimberly Robertson, 23 Solved
Apr 5th, 1900 block of 3rd Ave. Lake Merritt. East Oakland
Kimberly, mother of one young daughter, just moved to Oakland from Texas about 6 months prior. She was raped and murdered after leaving with someone from a bar. 40 year old Prince F. Tsetse was charged in Kimberly's murder / rape. As the story goes, they left an unnamed bar on the 300 block of East 18th, which is most definitely Lakeside Lounge. He then picked her up in his red SUV at the bus stop, they did not know each other before this. She was found beaten and raped just around the corner and his SUV was found to support evidence of this happening yet he pleads not guilty.
Update: On trial he has been caught red handed in several lies and now admits he had sex with her and made up a story about her being a prostitute. Her friends that were at the bar with her that night say that was not the case and his wife was even recorded telling him that his story would not hold up and he denied even that when it was recorded. Scum murder rapist.

Marjon Fuller, 20 Info
Apr 16th, 1000 block of Willow St. West Oakland
Marjon was shot multiple times during a drive by out front of Sharif Market. He then stumbled into the store and died. He was the only target and there is no motive. Unsolved.

Louis Montgomery, 35 Info
Apr 21st, 1400 block of 104th Ave. East Oakland
Louis was found shot up and dead, crashed into a light pole near the San Leandro border. Police think that he was shot nearby and continued driving until he died and crashed. Being shot for no reason while driving is becoming some sort of trend in Deep East Oakland. Maybe gang initiations? Unsolved, no motive.

Melissa Martinez, 21 Info
Apr 23rd, 10500 block of Acalanes Dr. East Oakland
Melissa was shot by her neighbor, Shawn Kimani Martin, 38, who claimed she had a gun and it was in self defence. The neighbors had apparently been in some sort of dispute, over what is unknown. But she was shot by him and he admits it out of self defence. Solved. Pretty rare in Oakland but he did turn himself in it seems. So is it solved or just nothing to solve?

May, 6 Killings & 1 "Other" Death
Darryl Hughes, 26 Info
May 5th, 140 Frank Ogawa Plaza. Downtown Oakland
Darryl got into a fist fight with Wanell Wilson, 29 downtown over some marijuana. Why exactly is unclear. Wanell tried to stay on the lamb but downtown surveillance cameras caught him(who was 70 pounds larger than Darryl) violently beating and stomping on Darryl's head while he was unconscious causing him to die. Local businesses recognized the worthless 7 time felon thug and gave police the info needed to catch him. He has violently beaten people before. Solved.

Robert Haynes, 29 Info
May 19th, 2600 block of International Blvd. East Oakland
Robert lived in Antioch but used to live in this Fruitvale District neighborhood where he was shot. He was sititng in his parked rental, shot and the suspect escaped by car. Motive unknown, unsolved.

Anthony Harris, 50 Info
May 21st, 29th & Webster, Pill Hill. Downtown Oakland
Anthony was ran over by an unknown man in an unknown car after an argument in the Auto Row Pill Hill neighborhood. Unsolved murder.

James Patrick Johnson III, 2 Info
May 23rd, Died in Hospital
This is another strange one that I'm not sure I can call a homicide. James was only 2 years old and died of cocaine ingestion. His mother was Fayson Howard, 39 of Oakland. She was arrested after the toxicology results showed cocaine in the James blood. It seems like an innocent crackhead mother mistake, not an intentional homicide. She just had a second child as she was arrested. The future of Oakland.

Jay E. Hansen, 30 Info
May 25th, 2800 block of Nicol Ave. East Oakland
Jay, the father of 3 and a student of San Francisco University, was gunned down out front of his house on Nicol. Which is sort of near the Dimond District. Reason unknown, no motive, unsolved murder.

Cesar Jones, 38 Info
May 25th, 9000 block International Blvd. East Oakland
Cesar, who had just left a party in the area was standing outside with a group of people when an unknown gunman came up and started shooting at the group. No known target, Cesar was shot dead and another women was injured from the shooting but survived. No motive, unsolved.

Eugene Chew, 37 Info
May 27th, 900 block of Aileen St. North Oakland
Eugene was actually shot in the neck while fighting over a shotgun with his brother Johnny Chew. It is unclear if Johnny was ever convicted of murder.

June, 7 Senseless Killings

Sylvester Harris, Info
Jun 1st, 2100 block of 47th Ave. East Oakland
Sylvester was just standing outside of his home when he was shot dead for no reason. The attacker fled on foot to never be found out. A typical Oakland shooting. No motive, not solved.

Isiah Sudan, 22 Info
Jun 5th, 1000 block of 54th St. North Oakland
Yet another typical Oakland murder. Isiah was shot and killed moments from his house after he walked out. No motive, no suspect.

Samantha Alvarado, 15 Info
June 7th, 8200 block of A St. East Oakland
This one is hard to swallow. Samantha, who was only 15 and was described as the perfect future thinking, logical and critical student, was senselessly killed. She had a lot of support and a possible bright future. She was shot while driving around in a car with 2 older men, ages 25 and 27. What on earth she was doing after 10pm with these guys is beyond me. The men refused to cooperate with police and this remains unsolved, no motive.

Maceo Bell, 20 Info
June 7th, 1900 block of 48th Ave. East Oakland
I'll give you a hint, typical Oakland shooting. Yup, you guessed it. This young man was standing in front of his home where he was shot and killed. No motive, no suspect, the usual.

Michael Johnson, 22 Info
June 15th, 1700 block of 103rd Ave. East Oakland
MJ was playing craps, a dice game that involves gambling for money when his group was approached by 2 men who began firing on the crowd. It does not appear that this was a robbery but more or less a gang related shooting. The gunmen fled and don't seem to have ever been caught.

Brigid Palmer, 26 Info
June 18th, 100th Ave and International Blvd. East Oakland
Guess what? No motive, no suspect. Just a dead girl found shot on the corner.

Lanedria Grant, 47 Info
June 24th, 600 block Douglas Ave, Brookfield Village. East Oakland
Lanedria is said to be Oscar Grant's aunt. It is unknown why she was shot or if she was the intended target. A gunman opened fire and wounded one other man who did survive. No motive, unsolved.

July, 6 Homicides

Monique Robinson, 23 Info
July 3rd, 24th and Chestnut. West Oakland
Monique's murderer Delano Moore was eventually captured according to post on her Facebook Page. She got into an argument with a 6 time felon who stabbed her to death. Video cameras caught the 6'4 giant and they found him in December. Monique was a loved member of the community by many. She was a mother of two, a student at Laney College and an avid Occupy Oakland supporter. Oakland shit, do not get into an argument with a stranger. You may get stabbed to death.

Xzavier Johnson, 26 Info
July 5th, Lyon Ave at High St. East Oakland
Xzavier was shot by an acquaintance during an argument. While the men knew each other, they were not friends. After the suspect fled the scene a friend tried to drive the victim to the hospital. They eventually had to pull over on the 2700 block of Foothill and summon help, but Xzavier was pronounced dead at the scene. They did catch the 20 year old suspect Lamar Shaw later but do not know what the argument was about.

Laurie Wolfe, 57 Info
July 6th, 6700 block of Saroni Dr
Originally very few details were released about this murder case. Joseph Bontempo Jr. called 911 saying his wife Laurie Wolfe had slipped, fell down the stairs and died. However when paramedics arrived at the scene, they found the death to look suspicious and called Oakland Police. Much later, after a coroner did an autopsy, it appeared that her head trauma as not consistent with a fall and Joseph Bontempo Jr. was arrested on murder chargers.

Ayana Dominguez, 18 Info
July 10th, 3100 International Blvd. East Oakland
Ayana was another victim of random shootings according to the story. Her and her boyfriend went to Wendy's to eat, were sitting in the parking lot eating(like I used do when I went to the Jack In The Box or McDonald's there) and a random unknown gunman walked up and opened fire. This is a very busy intersection, Fruitvale Ave and International Blvd. Then just took off. No motive, no suspect. I stopped eating in the parking lot because it's getting more and more ghetto and I shouldn't have to tell people to leave me alone while I'm eating. As of now I quit fast food altogether.
UPDATE! Here we are a year later, July of 2015 and OPD has released a sketch of a man wanted in the crime. They say he was caught on video camera. Why on earth it took them a year to let us know is beyond me.
UPDATE 2: In August of 2105 this punk kid and the other man were arrested. The gunman was 22 year old Dwight Bradford and the accomplice was 36 year old Jermaine Godfrey. Both had prior felonies and Bradford was actually attempting to murder Ayana's boyfriend who was in the car with her when she was struck and killed.

Timothy Wilson, 49 Info
July 23rd, 5900 block East 17th St. East Oakland
Timothy, from San Leandro was gunned down by an unknown suspect. Unsolved. However later a tip came in that 6 time felon, Gerald A. Gipson, 28 of Oakland was the shooter. But police did not have enough to go on. They then placed him under surveillance, and caught him in the act of robbing a women at an ATM Machine in Oakland. He tried to flee and crashed and was caught with a firearm that turned out to be the murder weapon in the unsolved case. He then admitted to murdering Timothy. This is the 2nd 6 time felon walking the streets caught for murdering someone in Oakland in 2014. Think of all those who got away.

Daniel Ellis, 21 Info
July 31st, 2700 block of International. Fruitvale District. East Oakland
Another one. Daniel was shot in a random drive-by and is not believe to know the attackers. No motive, no suspects.
Update, Daniel Estrella, 19 of Oakland was arrested and charged with the murder. From what I gather he was "pointed out" by a witness to the murder. I really hope there is more evidence because that isn't very solid.

August, 1 Murder, yes one. 2 Law Deaths.
August was a special month for Oakland with only ONE murder. I have never seen this happen. There were 2 officer / security involved shootings but those tend to not count towards the citizens killing each other toll.

Omarde Wilson, 22 Info
Aug 2nd, 8600 block of International Blvd. East Oakland
This is an interesting one. A man walked up to Omarde, said a few words and then gunned him down. Almost as if he knew him and had to let him know why he was killing him. However police say there is no motive and no suspect. But I just learned while Googling his name, he could have been involved in a drug deal robbery less than a year prior. And that will get you killed. Keep in mind, I am not saying this was him for sure, but it is a unique name and age combo from the same city. Robbery revenge?

Jacorey Calhoun, 23 Info
Aug 3rd, 10500 block of Acalanes Dr. East Oakland
Jacorey was actually shot several times by police officer after a long chase. Police attempted to pull him over because he was driving a car that was involved in a home invasion robbery in which a weapon was used. He refused to pull over leading them on a high speed chase followed by a search of a neigborhood at 5am. Once found, it is unclear what happened and why the Alameda County Sheriff Deputy Derek Thoms shot him. The only thing that's clear is when you're involved in home invasions, tote a gun, run from the police and get found, they may shoot you.

Hector Uribe, 22 Info
Aug 31st, 5401 Coliseum Way, Flea Market. East Oakland
In this case, Hector was caught breaking into cars by the Coliseum Swapmeet Security officers and was armed. It is all unclear but as the story goes, he had his gun out and was shot in self defence. Another man was likely shot and fled the scene and has not been found. 2 guns were recovered at the scene.

September, only 3 murders.

Reginald Beamon Jr., 28 Info
Sep 14th, 2000 block of 83rd Ave. East Oakland
According to OPD, Reginald was shot on 83rd Ave but found dead a block away on 82nd and Bancroft by someone walking by after 6am. They did catch the suspect Miguel Salinas in this case. An anonymous reader let me know that Miguel was arrested later that night on a burglary charge and when they pulled him in for interrogation, they asked if he knew why he was in there and he snitched on himself regarding the murder. He is now serving a life sentence. This was a quote from the email, let it be known Miguel is a little bitch. "Miguel he was subsequently arrested the same night on some burglary charges and when they took him in the interrogation room they asked did he know why he was here he then snitches on himself because he was a little bitch and was scared so he ended up getting getting a life sentence". Thanks reader.

Frank Denard, Info
Sep 15th, 1300 block of 76th Ave. East Oakland
Frank was driving, shot and killed. Police don't know if the person was on foot or in a vehicle. A typical Oakland killing. No motive, unsolved.
Update: Frank was a high ranking gang member of the 69th Ave Gang and lived that lifestyle and this is an expected outcome. His murder is said to have sparked the increased murders the next few month as hoodlums killed each other over gang wars.

Alex Breggs, 18 Info
Sep 20th, 8700 block of Hillside St. East Oakland
Alex was gunned down by James Bowen who was later arrested on murder charges. He had prior convictions as well. Witnesses reported he was the shooter, solved.

October, 14 Murders, gotta make up for the low months

Connie M. Sowels III, 27 Info
Oct 1st, 1100 block Clay St, Bella Ultra Lounge. Downtown Oakland
According to reports, rapper "Wild Bill" or "Bankroll Billy" robbed Connie for a gold chain inside of Bella Ultra Lounge. They did not know each other beforehand. Connie then tried to get his chain back outside the club where Billy C. Shaffer Jr. shot and killed him. Although he denies involvement, witnesses and video cameras show otherwise.

Marlin McCray, 44 Info
Oct 1st, 2500 block of 80th Ave. East Oakland
Marlin was shot and left for dead for some time before anyone even found his body and called the police. The police had no leads in the case. A typical Oakland slaying, no one calls the police when they hear gunfire, no one says anything when they SAW the man running with a gun in his hand away from the scene. However, in this special case, Tavares Williams(7 time felon) called OPD and gave them a tip. He tried to frame an innocent man, but as it turns out, he himself was the murderer. He was later reported by witnesses who did not say or call originally, that he was seen fleeing the scene with the gun. Oakland has a real problem as we're starting to see. "Black Lives Matter" yet people witness the murders and say nothing. Over and over again. Solved, murderer pretty much turned himself in.

Jeron M. Smith, 27 Info
Oct 4th, 3300 block of 72nd Ave. East Oakland
Jeron was shot by Lakisha E. Young, 27, of Oakland after an argument between the two. The shooting was caught on video and there were witnesses who spoke up. What I don't get is she had a prior arrest for "assault with firearm" and was still walking the streets. I could only assume that means she shot someone else before. Solved.

Gregory D. Jackson, 34 Info
Oct 5th, 1400 block Franklin St. Downtown Oakland
A fight broke out in downtown Oakland after the clubs in the area started letting out. Anyone who is out there after 2am on a weekend night know it gets really sketch. This is where Sideshows are born, groups of drunk thugs who-riding out of clubs with nowhere to go. But in this case, a fight was curated among "dozens of people", many saw it yet no one was caught. Dozens of people sounds like at least 24 to me. Not only was Gregory killed, 2 others who he was friends with were shot. Yet no suspect. Police don't even know what the fight was over. After the shooting and fight police had to call for backup because the crowd started getting rowdy and would not disperse, kind of like Sideshow mentality. I wonder if this is him? Wouldn't that be some ish.

Juan Carlos Granillo Tovar, 36 Info
Oct 11th, 1200 block of 83rd Ave. East Oakland
Juan and 2 others(who survived) were shot out front of his own home. A car drove up and started shooting at the 3 men. No motive, no suspect.

Dominique Parks, 29 Info
Oct 12th, 73rd Ave & International Blvd. East Oakland
In this case, Parks was shot on October 12th but died later in the hospital on October 23rd. They say they do not know what he was doing on the corner, but a quick look at his Facebook shows he was a drug dealer(he post it publicly) and he was likely shot over a little bit of money. As you can see here he's bragging about a few hundred dollars on a public post and here explaining he is selling sub par weed(shake) only weeks before he was shot. Unknown, no suspects though. Unsolved.
A word of advice to drug dealers in Oakland, mostly just don't and if you do ONLY friends and never friends of friends. I have had a few homies(back in the 90's) who were robbed and home invaded by homies homies. Pistol whipped and all.

Charnise Raines, 22 Info
Oct 13th, 900 block of 69th Ave. East Oakland
Charnise Raines was driving in her car with another man when they were shot up for unknown or no reason. She died on the scene and the other man survived. This was near Coliseum BART. The man said they were heading from the Fruitvale area but would not say where they were heading.
This was on October 13th. Just 3 days earlier a person with the same exact name and age was arrested in Oakland for prostitution. If I was OPD I'd look into that aspect of her life for suspects like angry pimps. Sadly I really don't think OPD tries to solve cases like these. They just wait for people to turn themselves in as you've noticed by now. Also possibly unrelated, an insane person from Oakland with the same name has a Twitter account. Unsolved murder.

Breon Coleman, 17 Info
Oct 18th, 800 block of Mead Ave. West Oakland
Breon was shot around 2am in West Oakland, a neighborhood he did not live in. It is unclear what he was doing there so late and there are no suspects or motives in the killing.

Eric Harvis, 41 Info
Oct 19th, 800 block of 46th St. North Oakland
Another really sad story. Eric, aka "Trill" had moved out of Oakland to Vallejo and had been returning to his old North Oakland Longfellow Neighborhood to sell BBQ on the weekends in order to support his upcoming wedding. However he was gunned down by someone robbing him after a money making day of sales while sitting in his car with his fiancee. He was shot 8 or so times. She was not shot by the robber which I find a little suspicious but that's just how I think. This photo on his Instagram was taken only hours before he was murdered. Reading these comments may bring a tear to your eye. No known motive, unsolved.

Warner Willis, 78 Info
Oct 19th, 1400 block of Chestnut St. West Oakland
Warner Willis was found stabbed to death in his apartment by his brother who returned home that evening. It is said that he was stabbed during a burglary. Later OPD found that the suspect Bennie D. Williams killed Warner sometime around 4pm and then car jacked someone outside of the house. He was involved in multiple car jackings and various other crimes that day. Suspect caught because he got to hyphy and stole a bunch of cars after the murder.

Tanecia Proctor, 28 Info
Oct 23rd, 1500 block of 29th Ave. East Oakland
Tanecia Proctor was shot once before back on July 4th, 2013 but it was by a stray bullet that hit her in the chest while she was watching fireworks in East Oakland. This time, it is unclear why she was killed. She was shot in the Fruitvale District but lived in West Oakland. The only reason the police knew was because they got a report from Shot Spotter and found her dead on the scene. No motive, unsolved murder.

Perla Avina, 30 Info
Oct 26th, 500 block 98th Ave. East Oakland
Perla Avina, mother of 4 was shot in a possible road rage case. I say possible because police mention there was more to it but would not release the information. Her and her husband were driving in East Oakland when for unknown reasons a man opened fire on the car, shooting her in the face and killing her. Somehow, a single person alerted authorities(after a $30,000 reward was offered) and it lead to the arrest of a 20 year old Oakland resident by the name of Carl Stephen Dubose. This single witness may not have held up in court but he immediately confessed. My only guess is that it was someone he knew who wanted that $30k reward. Solved. Scum arrested.

Zachary Zeno, 55 Info
Oct 29th, 1600 block of 69th Ave. East Oakland
Not much is known here other than Zach was walking to a family members house and was shot. No motive, no suspect.

Jamal Cheeks, 21 Info
Oct 31st, 2000 block of 22nd Ave. East Oakland
Jamal Cheeks, was shot in the neck at close range by his "best friend" and roommate Damian L. Joseph. Damian denied that he was the murderer at first, however evidence and witness statements made him change his story to saying he thought the gun wasn't loaded when he put it up and pulled the trigger at Jamal.
Update 2015: Damian was sentenced to 5 years in prison after pleading no contest to involuntary manslaughter. So he killed his friend and only got 5 years.

November, 9 senseless murders

Terryl Rucker, 26 Info
Nov 1st, Apgar & West St. North Oakland
Terryl Rucker, who was a career criminal was shot for no known reason and died on the spot after stumbling into Al Awdi's ghetto mart. Based on his lifestyle, it was likely payback. No motive or suspect. Just one less criminal.

Rondell Johnson, 54 Info
Nov 2nd, 1600 block of 10th St
Rondell Johnson was fatally shot by his friend Ian Booker, 40 of Oakland. All that is known is that the 2 "friends" got into a disagreement and Ian blasted him as if they weren't even homies. At first Ian was fronting, trying to say he got home and Rondell was all dead already but then witnesses gave statements that did not match his story. Ian then admitted to shooting Rondell. Remember folks, keep snitching. Don't let the Ian's of the world get away with murder.

Alonzo McCullough, 43 Info
Nov 12th, 70th Ave & Weld St. East Oakland
Alonzo McCullough was visiting his mother in East Oakland as he would normally as he is the primary caretaker for her. And he was randomly gunned down. No suspect, no motive. Another sad story. This one has a video.

Christine Ligon, 51 Info
Nov 17th, 1900 block Linden St. West Oakland
Christine was stabbed by another women during an argument. This happened inside a home where other people were present. Yet the police do not know who this other women is other than "30 years old". So whoever these people that Christine was home with are, they surely ain't no snitches. Suspect unknown, unsolved murder.

Donzale Mejia, 23 Info
Nov 19th, Mosswood Park Parking Lot.
This is another tricky one. Donzale Mejia was actually arrested and released for his involvement in a shooting in Berkeley a few months before. Why was he released? It is said that the victims were not cooperative, remember, no snitching. But in this case it seems because both parties were involved in the gun battle and would rather get revenge. It seems revenge came to Donzale when he was caught slippen at Mosswood Park. Police can not confirm this was a retaliation though. I just have to say, +1 for one less killer like Donzale out there.

Jackie Fitzgerald, 72 Info
Nov 24th, 6200 block Broadway Terrace. Oakland Hills
In this case, Jackie was murdered by her husband Mike Fitzgerald before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. It is unknown why as there was no notes. They were married happily for 25 years. Some speculation is Mike had health issues. Either way, sad story for Jackie unless this is something she wanted with him.

David Robert Ruenzel, 60 Info
Nov 25th, Hiking Trail. Oakland Hills
This is a sad death of a teacher who was loved by many. David Robert Ruenzel was hiking in his favorite park, Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve in the Oakland Hills when 2 unidentified black men robbed him and shot him multiple times only to leave him for dead. The ironic part? He spent a lot of time writing and "excusing black crime" because of "white privilege" and historic events. He was then murdered by 2 black men making it sort of ironic he would excuse such animals. I guess it's easy to be "that guy" when you live in a fat house in the Oakland Hills where you think you're safe from it all. But when you're raised in the flats, you sing a different song. Nothing is excusable. Unsolved, 2 sketches from local hikers is the only lead.

Isaiah C. Smith, 15 Info
Nov 29th, 5400 block of Trask St. East Oakland
Another one, Isaiah just left his house, was shot and died on the side of the house. No suspect or motive. Unsolved killing.

Rusamie Ashly Phongphoumy, Info
Nov 30th, 1000 18th St. West Oakland
More insanity. Ashly was killed at work(Oakland Market) in FRONT of her parents(who may be the owners) and others who did not stop the attack. Apparently Ashly, only 19 had been dating Abdol Ali Omar who was 35. It seems the 2 even worked together and the parents were fine with this relationship. The article raises a lot of questions to me. Such as if they broke up and she was seeing someone new, why was he allowed in their house and her room and if they thought he was acting scary and weird why was he.... never mind. Not my battle. It's just very sad that this could have been prevented with some parenting maybe. But it's not my call and I just can't comprehend how this could happen. So Ashly had broken up with or tried to break up with Abdol several times and was seeing someone new. She was proposed to by this new person(kids do rush into things) and she said yes and when she told Abdol, he stabbed her to death and killed her in front of her parents in the store that they both worked at. Devastating.

December, 7 Murders and 1 police killing.

Luis Meraz, 27 Info
Dec 3rd, 1100 block of 107th Ave
You can guess this one. Luis was shot outside of his home, no suspect, no motive. Town Business.

Fulton David Harris, 69 Info
Dec 7th, 7900 block of Sterling Dr. East Oakland
More typical, Fulton was found shot and dead on a street with no suspects or motives. He was not in front of his home though and they are not sure what he was doing in the neighborhood.

Guadalupe Ochoa-Manzo, 27 Info
Dec 9th, 9800 block of Springfield St. East Oakland
Yet another high speed chase ending in a shooting death. In this case, Guadalupe Ochoa-Manzo was in a stolen vehicle and at the end of the chase attempted to run over an officer. I will not be counting this as a homicide for the year. Just another criminal.

Hamilton Rodriguez-Ramos, 20 Info
Dec 10th, 500 block of 37th St. North Oakland
Hamilton was shot and killed for unknown reasons by unknown people only a few blocks from the McArthur BART Station. Residents did say they heard an argument but that's it.
Updated, in early 2015 3 men who all knew the victim were arrested for setting him up for robbery and murder. More details.

Maurice Hiley, 34 Info
Dec 13th, 2000 block of 85th Ave. East Oakland
Maurice was found dead outside of his home where he was shot by who knows. He may have gotten into a confrontation before he was killed. No suspect, unsolved.

Michael K. Owens, 39 Info
Dec 14th, 1000 block of 92nd Ave. East Oakland
This one is almost the same. Except he was found shot and dead inside of his home instead of just outside like the rest. No motive or suspect.

Ronald Coelho Jr., 50 Info
Dec 14th, 1500 block of 79th Ave. East Oakland
Ronald, who was highly regarded by many in the community and very well liked, was beaten to death with a metal pipe by a repeat convicted felon Warren Christopher Rodgers. I'm starting to think, in Oakland, if you're caught with a gun once, you should just stay locked up because I'm seeing a pattern here. They obviously have homicidal tendencies. You can claim "protection" but it's still illegal and you're still living a lifestyle that requires protection from shady acquaintances(and murdering others in all of these cases). One scum bag arrested thanks to witness testimony.

Dawayne Robertson, 23 Info
Dec 28th, 1200 block of 52nd Ave. East Oakland
Dawayne was shot and killed by an unknown suspect. No motive. Another man was shot at the same time but did survive.

And as always, stay current with Oakland's murder rate on my long running article here.

As you can see Oakland has a real problem. Well, many.
1) People don't call the police.
2) OPD does not respond to all Shot Spotter reports. I can't prove this but it's obvious when bodies are being found by walkers in the morning.
3) Standing in front of your house is a good way to get killed. I think it's gang initiation.
4) Witnesses don't say anything.
5) OPD may not be trying too hard on all of these cases. My own speculation, nothing to back that.
6) Certain young black men clearly don't value each others lives.

And this is only the beginning of my rant, the homicide rate is lower by luck and chance. So many people were shot and survived. Each shooting victim could have very well been a homicide victim. So don't tell yourself oh 81, we're doing better. We're not. Stupid kids have worse aim is all. I keep track of the shootings too and it's disgusting. And don't even get me started on robberies.

It's honestly very sad, I myself was born and raised in Oakland(1979) and guess what? I moved to Portland(so much happier here) in August of last year because Oakland has fallen apart and gotten expensive via "gentrification". I lived in Oakland because I was born into poverty, not by choice.
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2014 Homicide Map

The links below are things I plan to expand on later but for now, feel free to check them out.