Burning Man 2011 Photos

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Sunset Temple of Transition

Me enjoying the Sunset

A chair to enjoy the sunrise on the Playa

Me enjoying the sunrise

Waiting for sunrise over the Temple of Transition

Waiting for sunrise

Biking on the Playa

Riding the Playa

AC Transit at Burning Man!

AC Transit 14 Bus Stop

oakland burning man


Hanging lights Burning Man

Super heroes

Thunder string lights Burning Man

To the rescue!

Sunrise at Burning Man over the Playa

Waiting on sunrise

Sunrise at the temple of transition

Sunrise at the Temple

Burning Man desert face

Desert Face

Burnin Man girls

Cow Girls

Burning Man girls

Temple of Transition

The Temple of Transition 2011

Temple at Night

pictures of Burning Man Temple 2011

Temple on the Playa

Burning Man pictures Temple at sunrise

Temple at Sunrise

Transition Temple Sunrise 2011

Temple Sunrise

Temple of Trasition, Rites of Passge, dawn sunrise

Temple at Dawn

2011 Temple Burn

And then it was burned

The Temple Burn

The Temple Burn

Rowing Skeletons


Black Rock Ciry

Burner World

Center Camp Art

Center Camp Art


Entrance Line

Robot Heart Art Car party

Robot Heart Art Car

Robot Heart Art Car sunrise party

Robot Heart Art Car

Octopus fire art car

Octopus Art Car

Glwoing Boombox art car

Boombox Art Car

The Man Rites of Passage fireworks

The Man 2011

Burning Man at night

The Man at Night

BM 2011 photos

BM 2011

Burning Man 2011 pictures

Burning Man 2011

Burning Man firework show

Burn baby burn!

Rites of Passage photos

We're getting there.

Burning Man fireball

Burning man EXPLODES!

Burning Man burning

The Man Burns

The Man at night 2011

The Man in his glory

Cenetr Camp to the Man

Playa to the Man

Burnign of the effigies

BRC on fire!

Camp Bonetone Burning Man 2011

Our Camp

NeXus Flowers Burning Man Santa Cruz

NeXus Flowers

nexus sunrise set

NeXus sunrise set

NeXus pyrosphere Burning Man

NeXus Pyrosphere

NeXus Santa Cruz

NeXus Sound camp

Burning Man Girl NeXus

NeXus Flower photo

Burning Man girls

NeXus 2011 Flower

girls at Burning Man

Girls @ NeXus

Opulent Temple flag dancer girl

Opulent Temple sunrise

LOVE and the Dragon Art Car


Burning Man Bike Playa

Playa Bike

Burning Man Love Temple

Burning Man Love

I'm kind of famous at Burning Man stickers

Burning Man Famous

Pink Girl Robot Heart Art Car

Pretty in Pink

girl on bike burning man girl

Zebra Bike?

Burning Man girls distrikt

Dancing @ Distrikt

Burning Man women

Desert Rose

drinking in the morning at burning man

Sunrise wine bag

Burning Man girls Trampoline

Trampoline Sunset

girls Burning Man trampoline


LCD thing Burning Man

At the LCD thing

Poi Burning Man fire spinner girl

Sunrise Poi

Distrikt Burning Man Deep End

Night time Fire Spinner

pictures of Burning Man

Distrikt Party

Distrikt Burning Man pictures

Distrikt Sunset

Burning Man girls sunrise

Playa Sunrise

Temple at Sunrise Burning Man 2011

Temple Sunrise

Girls at Burning Man Temple Rites of Passage

Temple @ Night

Temple prayers on the wall

Temple Reality


Sunrise Rockstars

dock pier Burning Man

We stole the boat!

Black Rock Roller Disco Derby

Black Rock Roller Disco

Burning Man traffic sunrise

Sunrise on the way in

Temple of Transition Sunrise Burning Man 2011

Temple Sunrise

Sunrise at Burning Man Rites of Passage 2011 photos

Sunrise on the Playa

Burning Man sunrise pictures photos

Temple Sunrise

Live Music Burning Man

Sunrise Violinist

Robot heart Party Sound system

Robot Heart Art

Robot Heart pictures

Robot Heart Sunrise set

Robot heart Burning Man 2011

Robot Heart 2011

Robot Heart Art Car 2011

Robot Heart Black Rock

Burning Man

This was my 4th Burn and my favorite year yet. I've always heard the wow factor goes away and you become jaded. But that is so not the case for me. I see it in some of my friends for sure, even those who got me into Burning Man.
However at year 4 it was so amazing that I can't wait for next year and will do my best to make it better for me. You make your Burn, and I don't mean how prepared you are or what you bring. I am so minimal out there. Cliff bars, tuna, crackers and baby wipes. I mean the mentality you bring and what you do with your time. That's how to better your Burn. Don't blame the art or the music, blame yourself.

So where do we start?

The Weather. This was obviously the best this year. I wasn't even aware it was possible to have a Burning Man without dust storms. I assumed that was every year forever. But after the Monday Tuesday entrance dust went away it was perfect all week. I mean wow! Not that hot, clear, calm and not to mention the hardest Playa I have ever walked upon making it the easiest to bike on as well. My first year in 2008 it was just piles of mush and riding a bike was almost stupid.
I also enjoyed that we had no moon at night, that brought out more stars.

Rites of Passage. For me that was kind of a big one. I wasn't so excited when it was announced but I never got to go to my Dad's funeral and during the course of the year leading up to Burning Man I came across my dad's ashes for the first time. So I did it myself, alone, at the Temple of Transition amongst a sea of people on their own personal journeys. It was beautiful. I waited till sunrise after being up all night and having one of the best nights ever. Seriously.
I buried him in the center and wrote on the Temple for him. "Dad, you don't know it but you're at Burning Man." And I must say this was the best Temple I have seen out of all 4 years so it was a perfect place for me to burry him. After that I took this video(watch it), was pretty down, depressed, had been crying quite a while, even after the amazing night I had. So I picked happy looking people to talk to and they were more than willing to cheer me up after that. people are so nice, all you have to do is say I need a friend and they're there.

Anti-Sound Camp. Ok, yay massive concerts on the desert floor surrounded by fire shooting structures. I get it. But to make that your only journey every night is a Burn Kill if you ask me. I went a few times to see Infected Mushroom and Beats Antique because that is what others wanted to do. But after that I avoided them unless it was like sunrise and I was on the way home or something. Otherwise I explored the playa, art, avenues, open bars, small clubs and just met a lot of people. So many awesome people that you would never meet at a sound camp.

Art Car Parties. Seriously if you just havvve to have a sound camp but want something better, go to an art car party on the Playa. Very good for sunrises after The Temple. Robot Heart was amazing this year.

Photos. In case you haven't guessed I like to take photos and this year I was having so much phone it somehow encouraged me to take more photos. I am pretty happy with them and hope you liked them too.

People! I mean if you don't just go out and meet people you're missing out on what you're surrounded by and who's bringing it out to the Playa. People are bringing it! I heard people complaining that there are "too many virgins". Really? So what, it sold the fuck out and everyone showed up on Monday and left after the Temple on Monday. Virgins are doing it right you jaded Burners that leave after The Man. I met a lot of really awesome virgins from local and all over the world. I asked them all the same question, "So are you coming next year?", and they all said yes no way would I miss this. I admire them. But seriously, wasn't this the crackingest Monday you ever had? Like the city was built in a day, not Monday-Thursday like my last 3 years.

Gifting. I love the reactions you get when you gift people. Everyone loved my gifts and they were so thankful and happy to have something so bright. They were very practical, if you got one you know.
I also bring a shit ton of Capri Suns along just to hand out when it's super hot out and they're ice cold. People love that.

Exploring. Staying away from camp. This year I camped at Bonetone with all of my homies(17 of us?) but I was never there. I would come home for naps, cleaning, making gifts to take out that night, eating, switching clothes and such. But other than that I spent as much time out as possible. And away from the sound camps. Doing things in the day can be just as fun as at night. As long as you don't drink too much in the sun and get that evening nap in, you can do both.

Actually, I'm looking to camp with new people in 2012 instead of the friends I have camped with the last 4 years. I know them all and see them all in the Bay year round. Burning Man is a great place to meet new people so I'm up for that. If you think I would be a good addition to your camp then please contact me.

Anyways, I'm gonna cut this short because I'm over typing and I doubt anyone is even reading this. If you are, awesome, hope you enjoyed the photos. I may add more to it later. I have left out all the more personal experirncses and stories because those are mne and who I decide to share them with face to face. But you get the idea, Burning Man was amazing.

I'll see you guys in 2012! And if we met in 2011 please feel free to add me on facebook.

Thanks for enjoying,
-Gerry D

You should watch the Temple video below. I took it right after I buried my Dad downstairs in the center.

And while we're at it, here's Infected Mushroom Live at Opulent Temple, Burning Man 2011, Rites of Passage.

Hot Shot the talking robot.

Dr. Seuss's last book Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man 2011

This video was taken by someone else but it's a great little candid journey into Burning Man. It shows the Temple Bells, Earth Harp sunset set and much much more.