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The Best Oakland Maps Out There!

In this article you'll learn a lot about what Oakland used to look like and what it looks like now. You'll notice things like the fact that Oakland was only a tiny village neighboring another small town by the name of Brooklyn, Alameda was mostly marsh, Lake Merritt is a tidal lagoon and more.

Colorful Oakland Map From 1857
You can click most maps on this page for high resolution.
old topography map of lake merritt
This Historic Map is so colorful and telling. It shows even the smaller hills surrounding Lake Merritt. The topography overlay is realistic, yet the map is of such a small area it looks surreal.

A lot of what we know now as Oakland and Alameda has changed drastically over the last century and a half.
If you go way back in time, to Oakland during the mid 1800's(1857 to be exact) you'll notice a few obvious differences such as the true shape of Tidal Lagoon Merritt and the fact that Alameda was not even an island yet, but instead more or less wet marshlands. Yes, there is a lot of landfill around the Alameda / Oakland estuary neighborhoods right now.
You'll also notice East Oakland is labeled Brooklyn in most maps from this time in history.

birds eye view panoramic map of oakland

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Vintage Oakland Vicinity Map From 1912
real estate map from 1912
A Map of the "Oakland Vicinity" from 1912. Published by the Reality Union. At this point Lake Merritt was more sealed off and a canal was dug out making Alameda the "Island" that it is today. You'll also notice there is no "Coast Guard Island" yet because that is also a landfill. And where the Alameda Naval Air Station was is also still marsh lands that have not yet been turned into a Naval base. Meaning more landfill on the estuary. These are not the best places to be in the case of an earthquake as you can see from this liquefaction map of Oakland.

Old San Antonio Creek Map
san antonio creek and old oakland harbor
In this map, what was once San Antonio Creek is now "Oakland Harbor" but the canal has yet to be opened up to the San Leandro Bay. I'm not sure of the year, but it must be early 1900's.

Vintage East Bay Map
old map of lake merritt
I don't have much info on this historic West Oakland map but it is a cool birdseye view aerial angle looking over West and Downtown Oakland.

Old East Oakland Alameda Maps
historic oakland 1900
This map, titled "Park Place Laundry Farm" shows Oakland in sometime pre 1900 when Alameda was still an extension of Oakland with the Oakland Harbor.

1869 Brooklyn And Oakland
oakland used to be named brooklyn
This map from 1869, once again shows historic Oakland as neighboring a city by the name of Brooklyn. Also if you click and view the full version you'll notice Yerba Buena Island is titled Goat Island.
One cool thing about this map is the fact that you can pretty much see all of the old Oakland street names in this highly detailed large image. Be sure to click it.

Historic Oakland Creek Map
san antonio creek watershed
Here is a historic map from the late 1800's also showing Brooklyn being just as big if not bigger than Oakland. In this map you also see it is still San Antonio Creek and there is no ship canal between Alameda and Oakland yet. Lake Merritt is still the open tidal lagoon and West Alameda is not a landfill yet.

Best Oakland Map
map of oakland
This map was a joke I did a while back. Maybe like 2005 even. Some people were arguing about where East and West Oakland were so I made this map. As if it's really debatable? They were clearly on the front edge of the transplant invasion.

Current Satellite Maps
You already know where to go for high resolution maps of Oakland now.

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download oakland map
(Actual size when zoomed)
That is Broadway heading up and the Webster there is actually Piedmont Ave now. You'll find all kinds of interesting changes. If I'm correct that is Merritt Hospital on the hill too.
As you can see, you get all of the details of an old historic Oakland city. It's really very interesting and you will find yourself spending hours exploring the city you love so much, learning a lot of history and seeing very familiar names and streets.

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