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Homicide Victims Detailed List

2015 resulted in 89 homicides in Oakland and 5 police involved shootings that ended in death. Way down from previous years so that's good.

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2015 Homicide Summary

January 2015, 10 Homicides

Derrick Williams, 23 Solved
Jan 1st, 7225 Bancroft Ave. East Oakland
Oakland's first homicide of 2015. D. Williams, father of two who was in town from Sacramento selling drugs at a Valero gas station in East Oakland was shot during the transaction gone robbery. In return, a friend of his fired back as the suspects were fleeing injuring a man who showed up at the hospital a few hours later. It was all rather messy, but if you're a father of 2 you should not be selling pills in East Oakland to shady punk kids.

Michael Grant, 36 Info
Jan 11th, Mosswood Park, North Oakland
Grant was shot while sitting in his SUV in the Mosswood Park parking lot. He was said to be attending a BBQ there. There are no motives or suspects but my guess would be he got set up. Someone did attempt to drive him to the hospital but he died.

Richardson Livingston & Alexis Randolph, 20 & 19 Info
Jan 16th, 500 block of 105th Ave. East Oakland
This young couple just met while working at the UPS Sorting Facility. What's really sad about this case is Alexis was loved by many, new to Oakland and just happened to be dating the wrong guy. It was said they just met and still did not know much about each other and locals have said that Richardson had been "involved in a lot of stuff". Sounds like another local thug, but that's just my assumption based on others quotes. Someone came up to their car and as they were trying to run, shot and killed them both. Richardson likely knew this person considering they were trying to run but no suspects or motives have been named yet. This took place in the Sobrante Park neighborhood, aka the "killing fields" where violence is no stranger. Unsolved, no motive.

Stephan Brooks, 29 Info
Jan 16th, 1100 block 32nd St. West Oakland
Stephan Brooks of Vacaville was fatally shot in West Oakland. Two others showed up at the hospital with gun shot wounds later but no suspect or motive was determined. The Oakland norm.

Marcus Sims and Donald Ward, 29 & 22 Solved
Jan 20th, 1600 block of 10th St. West Oakland
Both residents of West Oakland and shot for unknown reasons while sitting in a van that did not belong to them outside of the Campbell Village housing development. Police are in search of a suspected vehicle found in the link above. No motive.
Update: Police have arrested Carlton Broussard, 29 in connection with the murder. Both victims were members of the Campbell Village Gang and the shooting was part of a dispute amongst gang members. Marcus Sims younger brother Anthony Sims was also a shooter in a later murder where a stray bullet took the life of Chyemil Pierce, mother of 3. Great family but now one is dead and the other is locked up thankfully.

Itzelle Rojas, 19 Info
Jan 23rd, 2000 block of East 15th St. East Oakland
Itzelle, 19 of South City was in a car as a passenger ridding along East 15th in East Oakland's San Antonio neighborhood when she was shot by an unknown suspect for an unknown reason from outside of the car. Her husband was not shot. No suspect or motive. Unsolved.

Kevin Clark, 25 Info
Jan 26th, 2700 block of 35th Ave. East Oakland
Clark was shot during a drive-by on 35th near Allendale Ave. He was the father of a 4 year old. No motive, no suspect. Oakland.

Alfred Nunnery Sr., 38 Solved
Jan 29th, 3200 block of Harrison St. Adams Point
Alfred was heard arguing with someone out front of Vernon Market was was shot during this. The suspect fled, no motives. Alfred had been in trouble with the law before after kidnapping his baby and baby's mother for over 3 days.
Update: Solved in late February. Video surveillance from the store as well as eye witness accounts pointed to Luis Alfaro, 18 of Oakland as the shooter. The two men did know each other and were in a dispute over unknown reasons.

February, 6 murders total, 1 police killing

Dominic Newton aka "The Jacka", 37 Info
Feb 2nd, 2500 block of 94th Ave. East Oakalnd
The Jacka, a famous Bay Area rapper was shot in the head while standing outside of a van full of 7 or 8 other people. They were hanging out, busting freestyles back and forth when gunfire erupted from a high powered weapon. In this case, only the Jacka was hit and died. It is unknown if he was the intended target or not. 6 shots were fired but considering he was struck in the head I am assuming that the first shot or one of the first few was aimed at him as a target. He was said to have no enemies and be a great friend to many. He obtained the name Jacka for being locked up in jail when he was 18 for armed robbery and car theft. Aka car jacking. No motive, no suspect.

Yuvette Henderson, 38 Police Shooting
Feb 3rd, 3400 block of Hollis St
Yuvette Henderson of Oakland was in Emreyville shop lifting where she was spotted and led Emeryville Police on a chase through Oakland. During this pursuit she ended up pulling a gun out and aiming it at the officers after they asked her to stop and they fired around 7 shots killing her. You pull a gun on a cop, you get dropped. I am not counting this as a homicide. Just informing you of this insanity. It is said she tried to car jack 3 separate people and failed? I guess she wasn't very convincing with a gun.

Mauro "Mauricio" Noyola-Solis, 33 Info
Feb 8th, 300 block East 12th St. East Oakland
Mauro, father of 2 was walking home in the East Lake District when he was stopped and shot. No motive no suspect. I used to always walk from downtown past this area late at night after the bars closed and it's a miracle I was not robbed. People were being robbed directly outside of my apartment building all of the time in broad daylight. Even shot and killed on a Sunday afternoon.

Charles R. Stewart, 26 Info
Feb 15th, 2200 block 84th Ave. East Oakland
Charles was shot behind an apartment complex for unknown reasons, no suspects.

Tony Easley, 35 Solved
Feb 24th, 9700 block of Railroad Ave. East Oakland
Tony Easley was stabbed to death by his wife Sunceree Thompson, 30 of Oakland. The couple had been together for about a decade and married for several years says relatives. Tony was said to be a good man who took care of his 16 year old sister and 86 year old grandmother. He recently accepted a job at the Tesla Motors Plant in Fremont.

Rayjon Simmons, 19 Info
Feb 27th, Fri. 10:30am - 89th Ave & International Blvd. East Oakland
A 19 year old man was fatally shot around 10:30am on Friday morning for unknown reasons near the Food King on International Blvd and 89th Ave. Police were alerted by the Shot Spotter system.

Davon Ellis, 14 Solved
Feb 28th, Sat. 7:52pm - 3300 block of Brookdale Ave. East Oakland
Davon was an honor student at Oakland Tech High School and a great football player. He was shot while walking with friends, no motive or suspects at this point. He was walking with friends and it is said that 5 shots were fired yet no one else was hit and it is not known if he was targeted. Good work OPD. Although it is possible his friends are withholding information since it is not known if it was a drive by or what led up to the confrontation. Being only 14 years old, Davon was a 9th grader at Oakland Technical High School.
Update: A suspect Donald Higgins was arrested for shooting at Hayward Police Officers and was also arrested on murder charges in this case. Witnesses as well as other evidence points to him as the shooter. He was also on parole for shooting into a car years before and involved in another shooting in 2001 and robbery in 2006. Another guy who should have never been let out of jail.

March, 4 homicides, 1 fishy death

Marcus N. West Jr., 21 Info
Mar 3rd, Tue. 7am - 4700 block Scotia Ave. Oakland Hills
Marcus, father of a 2 year old son was shot and killed around 7am in the normally quiet neighborhood by Knowland Park. Some counted 4 to 7 gun shots but Police say it was even more. They may have data from Shot Spotter but it is unknown. No motive or suspects. Likely a drive by.

Unknown Women, Info
Mar 7th, Sat. 4pm - Webster & 24th YMCA Downtown
A women who's identity has yet to be released was found stabbed to death on the side walk outside of the YMCA. She was wearing gym / workout like clothes but did not have a purse or gym bag on her. No more details were given but to me it seems like she was robbed going to or from and that's why she does not have a bag because obviously the murdering thief would have taken it.
OPD has changed the story completely and now says she jumped off of the building? How is this mistaken as being stabbed? And how do we know she wasn't pushed? This one is going to stay fishy until more evidence is released.

Cheymil Pierce, 30 Solved
Mar 9th, Mon 4:45pm - 2900 block Chestnut St. West Oakland
The victim of this shooting, Cheymil, mother of 3, was an innocent bystander who was struck and killed by a stray bullet more than a block away from the actual drive by. She was trying to gather her children and run inside when the gunfire erupted. It is reported that more than 20 shots were fired and the shooting was sparked by a fight where more than 20 mostly young black women got into a fight. Witnesses reported the shooter may be one of the girls boyfriends who was being beat up in the brawl.
2 other shootings the same day may be related to this in retaliation as well as a 3rd shooting the following day at Highland Hospital. Yes, a shooting at the hospital. One can only hope whoever is involved in this gets him or herself shot as soon as possible so no more innocent victims die.
UPDATE: Oakland Police have arrested and charged Anthony Sims and 2 others in relation to the murder.

Allen Lewis, 49 Info
Mar 24th, Tue 5:03am - 300 block East 17th St. East Lake
Lewis was found shot and dead early Tuesday morning in Oakland East Lake district on East 17th near 3rd. He was dead at the scene. Lewis lived in East Oakland and police are not sure what he was doing in the area. No motive, no suspect.

Ali Reese, 34 Info
Mar 29th, Sun 2:19am - 500 block 10th St. Old Oakland
Ali was leaving a club, walking to his car with a friend when 2 unknown suspects walked up and blasted him then ran off on foot.
This one is iffy because it seems like the friend walking with him was not shot at all? Maybe some kind of drama but you would imagine the suspects would kill both to prevent a witness from saying something. Fishy, we'll see how it unfolds. Stay tuned.

April, 6 total murders

Anthony Kalaote, 51 Solved
Apr 2nd, Thu 11am - 1600 block 82nd Ave. East Oakland
Anthony Kalaote was found dead in his East Oakland apartment and appeared to have died from blunt trauma. Police detained and charged 32 year old male suspect Aaron K. Tingle in the case. He was a friend of Anthony and it is unknown why he killed him. He has been arrested on assault with a deadly weapon charges before and should have never been let out of prison.

Barry DeWitt, 58 Info
Apr 4th, Sat 12:26am - 600 block 23rd St. West Oakland
Two men were walking in West Oakland on Sycamore Street when they got into an argument around 12:26am. The dispute carried on over several blocks until he was beaten to death on 23rd Street. He was actually found unconscious and died at Highland Hospital at 1:19am. No arrest or motive.

Emiliano Nevarez, 26 Info
Apr 4th, Sat 1:15am - 412 14th St. Downtown Oakland
Another really jacked up murder of an innocent bystander in Oakland. Emiliano Nevarez was the bass player and singer for the punk group The Lucky Eejits. He just finished doing a show at the newly reopened Golden Bull nightclub on 14th Street downtown Oakland when he was struck in the neck by a stray bullet intended for another man who was arguing outside of the ghetto night club a few doors down. Another 34 year old man was struck in the arm and survived. The 2 men involved in the argument and shooting took off from the scene and are unknown.
Oakland Police and Crime Stoppers are offering a cash reward up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.

Leslie Garcia, 19 Info
Apr 17th, Fri 10:25pm - 1600 block 89th Ave. East Oakland
Leslie Garcia was shot during a drive-by shooting in East Oakland and later died at the hospital. No known motive or suspects at this time.

Jamell Tousant, 21 Info
Apr 28th, Tue 6:15pm - 1400 block 90th Ave. East Oakland
Jamell Tousant was shot and killed during a drive by shooting in East Oakland on 90th Ave while he himself was in a car. The driver took him to Highland where he died. The car with the shooter was a white sedan that fled the scene on International Blvd. No suspect or motive.

Tass Jackson, 51 Solved
Apr 29th, Thu 1am - 1200 block 46th Ave. East Oakland
Tass Jackson was shot by a man in a car who fled the scene. Jackson was a homeless man who's last known address was in the area of the shooting. No motive or suspect.
UPDATE: They are now referring to Tass as a "recycling yard worker" which could mean someone who brings in cans, but either way they solved the case. He was shot by a 63 year old motorcycle mechanic by the name of Michael Horace. It is said the two did not know each other but got into an argument. Tass was heard begging for his life saying please don't shoot me while running on foot. Horace also fired shots at another stranger trying to help and at a parked car with a female in it. Both escaped without injuries but he will be charged with those accounts as well. He maintains a not guilty stance. Court set for Fall of 2015.

May, 11 homicides total

Basilio Pablo Ramirez, 38 Solved
May 3rd, Sun 9:21pm - 1500 block 39th Ave. East Oakland
Basilio was approached outside of his home by 2 men who shot him and fled in a vehicle. The motive is unknown but police have not ruled out an attempted robbery.
UPDATE: Vicente Prado-Rodriguez, 20, and Cinthia Gabriel-Martinez, 19 are charged in the attempted robbery / murder of Ramirez and are pleading not guilty. They were also charged in another robbery that happened only moments before.

Matthew Jackson, 26 Solved
May 5th, Tue 5pm - 7000 block Hawley St. East Oakland
Jackson was shot and killed near Coliseum BART in East Oakland for no known reason on his way to visit family. A suspect has been caught in the shooting but has not been identified by police yet. He was a 28 year old Oakland man. There is no motive for the shooting and there are still two other suspects at large. The car of 3 men drove up along side Jackson and opened fire on him. When they crashed in a car chase the other 2 men got away while running.

Gregory Ealey II, 35 Info
May 9th, Sat 9:23am - 1500 block 8th St. West Oakland
Gregory Ealey the Second was shot and killed in West Oakland early Saturday morning by one of two suspects who fled on foot. No motive or suspects at this time.

Kevin McGhee Jr., 26 Solved
May 15th, Fri 1:26pm - 8600 block Hillside St. East Oakland
Kevin was found stabbed, transported to the hospital and died. His older half brother Demetrius Sells, 29, was arrested for the murder. He was arrested and let out of prison several times before. Another case of someone who needed to stay behind bars.

Roy Lee, 45 Info
May 9th, Fri 5:37pm - 4000 block Allendale Ave. East Oakland
Roy Lee was shot and killed in the Allendale neighborhood Friday evening. More details to come. No motive or suspect. He was a father to 3 daughters and one stepson.

Edward McGowan, 17 Solved
May 19th, Tue 6:45pm - 7500 block Garfield Ave. East Oakland
Edward was a 17 year old high school student at a continuation school in Oakland. He was in a SUV when a dispute ended up in gun fire. 18 year old Deante Antonio Miller was arrested as a suspect.

Darrell Lee Robinson Sr., Raymond E. Garza, Benjamin F. Williams, 59, 53, 60 Solved
May 23rd, Sat 2:45pm - 900 block 54th St. North Oakland
An Oakland man, Damien Robinson, 31, was arrested for the triple homicide that took place on 54th Street. The suspect was son of one of the victims, Darrell Lee Robinson Sr., 59. There was about a 2 hour stand off before he surrendered and was taken into police custody. A motive is still unknown.

Victor Diaz, 19 Solved
May 24th, Sun 7:50pm - 9900 block Dante Ave. East Oakland
Victors Diaz and Kevin Henry, 19 of Oakland showed up to a house on Dante Ave with intentions of robbing a house with a large marijuana grow in the garage. The suspect, 25 year old man in the shooting was defending himself when he shot and killed Victor and wounded Kevin. He has turned himself in.

Royce V. Vaughn, 47 Info
May 29th, Fri 11:10pm - 800 block 28th St. West Oakland
Royce V. Vaughn was purposely run over in a hit and run vehicular manslaughter situation in West Oakland late Friday night. No motive or suspects however police are looking for a 2013 white Toyota FJ Cruiser.

June, 7 murders total and 1 police shooting / death

Julius Fowler, 34 Info
Jun 3rd, Wed 11:03pm - 1800 block Birch St. East Oakland
Julius Fowler was shot outside of his East Oakland home. Officers in the area heard the gunshots and responded to the scene however no suspect or motive is known.

Demouria Hogg, 30 Police Shooting
Jun 6th, Sat 8:40am - 580 Off ramp Lakeshore
Demouria Hogg was shot and killed by an unnamed Oakland Police Officer. He was found sleeping in his car on a freeway off ramp in the lane with a gun on the passenger seat. OPD used several methods of non lethal tactics to wake him and there is no info as to what went wrong and why he was shot other than he appeared to reach for his gun while officers were breaking the window after an hour of attempting to wake him peacefully. Hogg had 3 children from various mothers and it is unknown why he was in the area because he currently lived in Hayward. He has also been wanted since April for violating his parole. He served 5 years in prison for drug possession and an accessory to a felony. Meaning he is not allowed to have a firearm in his possession.
To top that all off, the BMW he was in was chased by San Francisco PD the night before in connection with a burglary. It can not be proven that he himself was driving his car only hours before but things do add up. A few days later they said the BMW he was in wasn't even registered to him. Much is unclear about his night and how he ended up sleeping on a friggen freeway off ramp with a gun next to him or even why police did shoot him, but it is clear that this kind of lifestyle may put you in this kind of situation.

Brandon Gudino, 21 Solved
Jun 19th, Fri 10:37pm - 42nd and International Blvd. East Oakland
Brandon Gudino got into a physical fight with a 47 year old armed security guard which resulted in him being shot and killed. That's the way of the road. Don't start no funk won't be no funk.

Victor Smith, 21 Info
Jun 19th, Fri 11:17pm - 3100 block Filbert St. West Oakland
Victor Smith was a passenger in a car driving on Filbert Street. Not much info was released other than he was shot and no one else was. It is unclear where the gunfire came from.

Fredrick Edmonds, 57 Info
Jun 23rd, Tue 1:54am - 2300 block 27th Ave. East Oakland
Edmonds was outside of his East Oakland home when he was approached by two unknown men and shot and killed. The 2 suspects fled together in a vehicle but no description or motive is known at this time.

Dont'a Harkins, 30 Info
Jun 25th, Thu 6:33pm - 3900 block Martin Luther King Jr. Temescal
Dont'a was shot on Thursday around 6:33pm and was on life support for a few days before they pulled the plug and announced him dead at Highland Hospital. He was riding in the back seat of a car when shot for unknown reasons. Starting to see a trend here of passengers in cars getting blasted for no reason this month. He was a father of 3 and had plans to get married. No motive or suspect.

Anthony "Major" Surrell, 24 Info
Jun 25th, Thu 9:25pm - 3500 block 68th Ave. East Oakland
Anthony was shot a little ways from his home on Thursday night in the East. He was just standing on the street when someone began shooting at him for no known reason. It is also unknown as to why he was just standing on the street. He was driven to Highland Hospital where he died about 30 minutes later. No motive, suspect or victim names have been released by Oakland Police yet.

Justin Sandeford, 23 Info
Jun 27th, Sat 5:30pm - 400 block International Blvd. East Lake
Just, a 23 year old man was a passenger in a car with two others while driving only a few blocks away from Lake Merritt on East 14th. The car was shot at, all 3 were hit and the one man died. There is no motive or description for this killing.

July 4 murders total

Anthony Custard, 27 Info
Jul 1st, Wed 7:49pm - 89th Ave @ Plymouth St. East Oakland
Anthony Custard was shot in East Oakland. No details have emerged yet. Another man was shot and is in critical condition the hospital. No known motive or suspect.

Fred Brooks, 22 Info
Jul 4th, Sat 10:33pm - Deep East Oakland
Fred Brooks was shot somewhere in the East at an unknown location for an unknown reason. He was dropped off at a hospital in San Leandro by an unknown friend. Police are looking to question the friend who has disappeared. Fred Brooks was a rapper by the name of Lil Fred Active and this is a video. It's pretty tight. His Uncle just reached out and sent me the link.

Frank Franz, 18 Solved
Jul 21st, Tue 12:43am - EC Reems Ct Near Castlemont
Frank Franz died when he was shot in the back of the head with a shotgun by his friend of 1 year Isaiah Powell. This is a very fishy case because there is said to have been 5 witnesses 4 of them took of running and are being looked for so that the police can question them. The 5th being Isaiah's father who says he shot him by accident. I just can't see someone shooting their friend in the back of the head with a shotgun by mistake and if they did I could see the father covering up for their son. We'll see how this unfolds.

Jonathan Pears-Smith, 20 Info
Jul 28th, Tue 12:36am - 1300 block 75th Ave. East Oakland
Jonathan Pears-Smith was sitting in his car with a female friend on 75th Ave when "some men" approached the car to rob them. It is said they took of with the woman's purse but not before shooting and killing the man and wounding the lady. The man was a security guard who just got off work and was in the area to meet some friends. It's starting to be apparent you can't sit in your car without expecting to be robbed and shot in East Oakland.

August 6 murders and 3 officer involved deaths

Sexual Assault Suspect, 49 Police Shooting
Aug 3rd, Mon 1:32am - 3800 block Martin Luther King Jr. Way
When officers responded to a follow up call about a sexual assault(no details provided) the man came out busting caps from the get go firing willy nilly at OPD. He had an Assault Rifle with a 30 round clip and unloaded most of his bullets before he was fatally shot by one of the cops. There was never even an exchange of words. The suspect just started attacking the officers.
During the gun battle a Sergeant who has been with OPD for 14 years was shot and wounded. He did undergo surgery and is currently in stable condition.

Unidentified car jacking criminal, Police Shooting
Aug 12th, Wed 3pm - 27th St. West Oakland
This suspect was pulled over for driving a car that was used in an armed robbery prior to today. When the officers tried to pull the man over he fled leading OPD on a high speed chase through the streets of Oakland for 7 miles. They were able to keep track of him via A.R.G.U.S.(Oakland Police Helicopter). The guy crashed into another car driving on 27th St between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Northgate Ave where he jumped out with a stolen loaded 9mm gun and tried to carjack a person to continue the high speed chase. As police ran up the armed carjacker police fleeing criminal pointed his gun at police(per multiple video recordings not yet released) so he was shot and killed and the police that were trying to take this guy off the streets survived. Yet for some insane reason people are protesting this event as if it's another race motivated shooting by power hungry police.

Hung Van Do, 59 Info
Aug 12th, Wed 10:30am - 3400 block of Champion St Dimond District
Hung Van Do was shot and killed in his Dimond District home in East Oakland a block off Fruitvale Ave during a home invasion robbery. Police were unable to determine what was taken and believe he was shot during the robbery.

Roderick Maurice, 32 Info
Aug 16th, Sun 1:40am - 1500 block Broadway. Downtown Oakland
A shooting occurred where 3 men were shot and one died. Moe Price was the man who was shot and killed and he was a custodian with the Oakland Unified School District for 10 years.

Dariannia Johnson, 16 Solved
Aug 16th, Sun 1:30am - 2700 block International Blvd. East Oakland
I don't have a lot of information on this one. It was not reported anywhere but her mothers public Facebook. I know she was shot in the head on this night in Oakland and in critical condition. The only article out there sort of mentioning it was about a shooting on 27th and East 14th in Oakland where 4 people were shot, all taken to the hospital but the women had life threatening injuries. They pulled the plug 3 days later at Highland. She was young. Her organs were donated to help save the lives of others. Her Facebook.
According to the mothers public Facebook post an arrest was made in the murder but no other details have been released. The suspect being held in Santa Rita Jail without bail for a 187 is 31 year old Samuel Freeman.
Update! They did indeed get the five time felon who fired 17 shots at an intended target and missed, then followed the car and kept firing until one bullet hit innocent bystander Dariannia. Thankfully the guy is in jail and will pay.

Sergio Cortes, 15 Info
Aug 16th, Sun 1:56am - 2000 block Foothill Blvd. San Antonio Area
Sergio Cortes, a teenage boy was shot near San Antonio Park and Foothill by a car driving by and died shortly after at the hospital. No further details at this time. Check back.

Alexander Elizares Jr., 31 Info
Aug 17th, Mon 9:18am - 45th and Bancroft East Oakland
Alexander Elizares Jr. was shot several times around 45th and Bancroft and he died a few blocks away. He was a developmentally challenged adult with a normal life, 2 jobs and a 9 year old son. It is unknown why he was shot. Drive-by. No motive or information.

Yonas Alehegne, 30 Police Shooting
Aug 27th, Thu 8:40am - 200 block MacArthur Blvd. Adams Point
For the 3rd time this month Oakland Police have had no choice but to shoot and kill a suspect attacking them. In this case an so far unnamed female officer was responding to an assault in the Adams Point neighborhood when Yonas Alehegne smashed her head multiple times with a metal chain causing serious injury. She fired several shots(3 reported) in defence and thankfully the violent criminal died instead of her. He is said to have a past of strangling Geese with his bare hands and threatening others. She was taken to Highland Hospital where a witness reported heavy bleeding from her face. More to come, stay tuned.

Jessica Anderson, 29 Info
Aug 29th, Sat 8:56pm - 6700 block Avenal Ave. East Oakland
Jessica Anderson, a working mother of a 2 year old daughter was shot by attempted robbers on Saturday evening as she was leaving her house to go to a concert. It is said that Jessica and a friend just got into the car to leave another car pulled up, jumped out to jack them, fired several shots in the car striking and killing Anderson before smashing off with nothing. The friend in the car drove for a little bit before meeting with paramedics where she was pronounced dead at the scene. No suspect information.

September 13 murders, 1 dumped body

Karlton McFay, 29 Solved
Sep 2nd, Wed 4:36pm - 2300 block Martin Luther King West Oakland
Karlton McFay was shot while visiting a house on MLK in Oakland by an acquaintance he had beef with in the past by the name of Watson-Dixon. Watson Karlton was in the area and drove there to rob and kill him. He went in the house, killed him and told a witness not to say anything.

Charles McElroy, 22 Info
Sep 3rd, Thu 4:09am - 9800 block Burr Street East Oakland
A shooting was reported after 4am in East Oakland near the Oakland Zoo, Charles McElroy of Richmond was found shot, taken to the hospital and pronounced dead after 6am. No info or suspect yet.

Rey D. Flores, 22 Solved
Sep 8th, Tue 12:37am - 8200 block International Blvd. East Oakland
Rey D. Flores was leaving a liquor store near his house when he got into a confrontation with Bobby Ray Henry Jr., who shot and killed him. He was later arrested in Texas and has a life of criminal activity. One more worthless human off the streets. Thanks to the witnesses who cooperated with Oakland Police.

Robert Fields & Avery Enoch, 23 & 27 Info
Sep 9th, Wed 10:06pm - 2300 block 88th AVe. East Oakland
Fields and Enoch were shot by unknown people from an unknown location. Both died at the hospital. Another unsolved for Oakland.

Richard Ryan, 29 Info
Sep 11th, Fri 9:45pm - 8300 block E One Fo - Deep East Oakland
Richard Ryan was capped on 83rd and International Blvd (aka East 14th) on Friday night. About a block from where Rey Flores was killed a few days earlier. Richard was from Union City it was said he just left a store when a few men came up and opened fire on him for no known reason. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No motive or suspect. Another random man merked for no reason. Go Oakland.
He was a father of four children and worked as a Longshoreman. Presumably at the Port of Oakland but it was not mentioned where.

Tyrell Hayes, 22 Info
Sep 13th, Sun 8:49pm - 2400 block Chestnut St. West Oakland
Tyrell Hayes of San Leandro was shot and killed in West Oakland on Sunday night. Another man was shot but is in stable condition. No other information as of yet.

Joel Velasquez, 54 Info
Sep 21st, Mon 6:52pmpm - 1400 block 52nd Ave. East Oakland
Monday evening Joel Velasquezn was stabbed and killed by an unknown man who fled. No further information at this time.

Jorge Salazar-Gonzalez & Edward Miranda-Castillo, 24 & 31 Solved
Sep 24th, Thu 11:20pm - 2000 block Crosby St. Fruitvale District
2 friends who worked at a pizza parlor were sitting in their car by their house when David R. Vigil, 30, walked up and shot and killed them both. One of the men was able to fire back wounding Vigil. He later went to a hospital claiming to have been shot in another part of Oakland but video surveillance puts him at the scene of the crime. There is another man police are seeking.

Neil Jordan Akin, 24 Solved
Sep 29th, Tue 8:15am - 2600 block of Union St. West Oakland
Neil Jordan Akin was found wrapped up in plastic and dumped on the side of the street in an industrial area. Richmond Police claim Seth Sears killed Neil in Richmond in his home after the two had an argument and then dumped his body in West Oakland.

Antonio Ramos, 27 Solved
Sep 29th, Tue 10:30am - 3500 block West St. West Oakland
An artist painting a mural in West Oakland was shot and killed while working on the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project on West Street under the 580 freeway. Him and a group of about 10 artist were there when he got into an argument and exchanged verbal words with a passer-by who open fire and killed him. What was said is unknown but in this day and age you just can't beef with someone on the streets of West Oakland and not expect this. Even if they are just one and you have 10 homies with you like in this case. Whatever it is, let it go. More info to come soon.
Update: Police are looking for the man in the article above in connection with the killing. They say he is a "person of interest" and caught him on video camera buy considering there was 9 other people there, they should just tell us if this is the murderer or just someone they want to "question". I hope if it is him, they catch him.
Update: They did catch the 20 year old Oakland punk street thug by the name of Marquise R. Holloway. He was not only caught with the murder weapon, he was traced back to a serial robbing spree and even robbed a news crew of their $60,000 camera a few days after while recording a story a few blocks away! He said he just planned on robbing Antonio Ramos of his camera and equipment when he shot and killed him. This guy needs to be just shot in the head and dumped in the sea like Bin Laden(if that really ever happened). He was a member of West Oakland's violent Ghost Town Gang.
This scum was also the suspect in an attempted robbery only hours before killing Antonio.
Here's another kicker, his "supporters" in court, you know because violent gang member robber killers get support too, started causing a scene in court as his charges were announced. They were loud, chanting "wartime" and even caused destruction of property while leaving the court. Lock the whole gang up. I've never been a fan of the Patriot ACT but this may be the time to round up these gangsters and lock them up for making terrorist threats in court in response to a fellow killers deserved charges. Wartime? Really? Against who? The Ghost Town Gang may have just started a war with police. We'll see but I hope they all end up dead. These people can't be allowed in our city.
The only good news from this? As soon as police released his photo they got a flood of people pointing them to the thug. Which some would say is "snitching" but it is good to know the residents of West oakland, likely his friends included, knew to turn him in for the murder. Thanks y'all!

Tylee Matthews, 24 Info
Sep 29th, Tue 3:46pm - 9500 block Birch St. Deep East
Tylee Matthews was found shot and dead on Birch Street in East Oakland. No other information at this time. He was the 3rd death in Oakland this Tuesday.

Reynaldo Vazquez, 24 Info
Sep 30th, Wed 6:20am - Joaquin Miller Road Oakland Hills
Reynaldo Vazquez was found by a man out on a bike ride early Wednesday morning near Joaquin Miller Park. It is unknown how long he was there before he died or if he was shot elsewhere and dumped here.

October 8 murders total

Jasvir Singh, 45 Solved
Oct 3rd, Sat 4:32pm - 9000 block Peach St. Deep East
What in the hell? This is the 2nd person working in the streets of Oakland to get killed in broad daylight this week. First the muralist and now the ice cream man. Jasvir Singh was an East Oakland Ice Cream Man and if you grew up in Oakland you would know how much joy a damn ice cream truck brings to the block on a hot afternoon in the hood. Who on earth would shoot him for no reason? He wasn't beefing with anyone, just shot and killed by a 23 year old punk named Joevan Lopez. Luckily they caught him. This is going to be traumatizing for the kids because the ice cream man is someone you really look forward to seeing every day. It's that one moment when the whole block comes together and forgets what a shithole your neighborhood around you is.
The shooter shot him and ran through some backyards. It was reported that up to 5 shots were heard. No more information on this punk.
UPDATE: Joevan Lopez age 23 is the suspect and police are looking for him. Update 2: Busted him.

Adrian D. Pettaway, 34 Info
Oct 6th, Tue 7:32pm - 1900 block 5th Ave. East Lake
Adrian D. Pettaway was visiting Oakland from Fairburn, Georgia and was shot and killed in his rental car on 5th Ave in Oakland's East Lake District in an area bordering Funktown. It is unknown why he was in Oakland or why he was shot. He has a wife and a son back in Georgia. They did not know why he was in Oakland. No motive, no suspect.

Mohamed Sbeih and Mustafa Albowyha, 22 and 24 Info
Oct 10th, Sat 9:21pm - 3600 block Foothill Blvd. East Oakland
Two men were shot and killed near Oakland's Fruitvale District Saturday night. They were shot on 36th and Foothill. One was a 24 year old San Francisco man and the other maybe a 22 year old Oakland man. They were friends standing on a street corner in East Oakland when someone walked up on foot, busted several rounds and bounced out on foot. He maybe got in a waiting vehicle. Police don't know why they were chillen on the corner here because it was not their hood. No suspect or motive.

Unidentified, 37 Info
Oct 23rd, Fri 11:02pm - 3200 block East 16th St. Fruitvale District
3 homies were chillen on the street when someone came up, busted several rounds and bounced. Only one of the 3 men was hit and he later died at the hospital. Police have detained 2 suspects but no further info was released.

Ira Wright Jr., 30 Info
Oct 25th, Sun 7:52pm - 2700 block 76th Ave. Deep East
Ira Wright Jr., 30 years old, was shot and killed in the Deep East near his house during a game of dominoes. The suspect fled on foot and it is unknown if the argument stemmed form the game or some pre-existing beef. No more details have been released. Stay tuned.

Christian Montez, 19 Solved
Oct 31st, Sat 12:22am - 106th and MacArthur East Oakland
Christian Montez was in a passenger in a convertible Mustang who-riding through East Oakland shortly after a nearby sideshow. He was not wearing a seatbelt when his car ran through a red light at the intersection of 106th and MacArthur, smashing into a Nissan, shearing the front end off and ejecting Montez from the car where he died likely upon impact. Had he been wearing his seatbelt, it is likely that he would have survived because his other 2 friends in the car that ran the red light did survive and ran from the scene of the crime.
The driver of Montez's car was a 22 year old San Leandro man and may be facing vehicular manslaughter charges and a felony hit and run. Luckily OPD caught them both fleeing. Who does that? Runs a red light, crashes into an innocent person, kills a friend and runs? Lock these guys up forever.
The passenger of the red Nissan was a 22 year old Oakland female, she managed to escape with minor injuries so there is one positive thing from this one. These idiots didn't kill an innocent person. Also it is not known if they were actually at the sideshow. It is most likely and this is the type of behaviour promoted from the sideshow. Smashing through the streets of the O mobbing through red lights.

Abebe Bent, Info
Oct 31st, Sat 7:30pm - 2000 block Market St. West Oakland
Abebe Bent was shot and killed in West Oakland off Market and 21st. He was talking to two women who were inside of a car with a 4 year old boy when shots were fired at him. He was struck with a bullet ran around the corner and died. Both women were also hit by the gunfire but only had minor injuries. Brent did know the women and they were only in the hood to drop off the boy so they could go to a Halloween party. No motive or suspect.

November 7 murders total, 1 police shooting

Frank R. Sowokinos, 39 Info
Nov 2nd, Mon 7:32pm - Mosswood Park
DAMN IT OAKLAND. This was my friend Frank Brown Helmet. Frank was a great man. Known as the long boarder, the Viking, the gentle giant. I met him in 2011 at Occupy Oakland and we were friends ever since. He was shot in Mosswood Park by a guy on a bike. They better catch him. He only recently moved back to Oakland and was homeless for a while after travelling around the states. I'll have to add to this later. Can't do it now.
Frank's travels(Instagram).
Franks Barbie Jeep Just check it out.
Frank's blog He was excited about it and I was going to help him move it to a self hosted platform and possibly monetize.
Update: As I thought, since Frank just got back from growing(as you can tell from his Instagram), he was robbed and killed for a plant. There was a witness and it is likely that Frank knew this thug on some level. I would have thought he would know better than to mess with shady people but he was too trusting.

Mojotti Barnett, 21 Info
Nov 9th, Mon 9:36pm - 800 block 43rd St. North Oakland
Mojotti Barnett was from the East but hanging out by a car in the North Pole when someone jumped out of another car and let loose on him for unknown reasons. Then the guy bounced out in his car. Police do not have a motive or a suspect but they do know Barnett was the intended target.

Jonathan J. Obetron, 39 Solved
Nov 12th, Thu 2:38am - 600 block 18th St. West Oakland
Jonathan J. Obetron of Dublin was in West Oakland when he was targeted for a robbery by 24 year old thug Damion Dupclay of Oakland. Damion had been arrested in 2011 for carjacking but still let out to be an animal in our city. He was only let out in July and already killed someone. That's the only case we know of but this type of behaivor often stretches for a lifetime and it's possible he's been involved in other murders and surely robberies. Glad they caught him. His car was seen in video surveillance of the murder and he was involved in a police chase the following day, tried to flee and had the gun used in the murder on him.
It is unknown why Jonathan was in West Oakland at this time but when Damion attempted to rob Jonathan and he resisted, Damion shot and killed him.

Richard Perkins, 39 Police Involved
Nov 15th, Sun 5:34pm - 90th and Bancroft Deep East
Oakland Police were towing cars that were impounded the night before after a massive sideshow involving over 700 vehicles on Sunday when some idiot pointed a replica handgun at the police sparking at least 3 officers to shoot at once, killing him on the spot. No idea what was going on in his head but that's the story.

Juan Hernandez, 30 Solved
Nov 16th, Mon 12:27am - 7500 block Arthur St. East Oakland
Juan Hernandez, 30 year old man was shot late Sunday night / early Monday morning in East Oakland for unknown reasons by unknown people of an unknown state of walking or driving. Unknown is the theme here.
Update! Veelewrance D. Harrison, 36 was arrested and charged with the murder of Juan Hernandez. Witnesses put him at the scene of the crime and being the shooter and he admitted to it after he was arrested. They knew each other form the hood but were not friends. The nature of the argument is still undisclosed.

Czerney Scott, 24 Info
Nov 16th, Mon 6:30pm - 1900 block 62nd Ave. East Oakland
Czerney Scott and an unidentified women were sitting ion a car a block from Greenleaf Elementary School when they were both shot. Czerney Scott died but the women survived and is in critical condition. No motive or suspect.

Brandon Jackson Jr, 33 Info
Nov 20th, Fri 7:59pm - 3300 block Elmwood Ave. East Oakland
Brandon was shot by his 40 year old neighbor of about 1 year. The two had been in an ongoing argument of unknown origins. The neighbor did call the police and wait for them to arrive and turn himself in.

Ana Gonzalez-Hernandez, 35 Info
Nov 27th, Fri 7:52pm - 6100 block Marshall St. North Oakland
Ana of San Leandro was found dead in a burning SUV Friday night but was ruled a homicide prior to the SUV fire.

December 6 total

Ismael Omar Gomez-Saldana, 38 Solved
Dec 8th, Tue 9am - San Francisco Bay Trail East Oakland
Ismael was found shot and dead at the Bay Trail. He is the 3rd person to be found murdered in an East Bay Regional Park this year. CHP pulled over a 17 year old in the victims stolen car and are holding him as the suspect in the murder. Will update if more info arises.

Unidentified, 32 Info
Dec 20th, Sun 1:32am - 100 block Hegenberger Pl. East Oakland
Not a lot of info here other than the man got into a confrontation while leaving a club and got popped. He was dead at the scene.

Torian Hughes, 17 Solved
Dec 20th, Sun 1:40pm - 900 block Mandela Parkway West Oakland
Police responded to a shooting where they found 17 year old teen Torian Hughes suffering form gunshot wounds. He was shot and killed during a robbery. A 16 year old punk was arrested for shooting and killing him but his name was not made public yet.

2 Unknown Men, 17 & 21 Info
Dec 21st, Mon 8:56pm - 800 block 32nd St. West Oakland
The 2 men seemed to be friends and visitng from another part of Oakland when they were shot. No mor einfo is known at this time.

Unknown, 45 Info
Dec 27th, Sun 8:05am - 3000 block E. 15th St. Fruitvale District
A knife fight broke out in East Oakland Sunday morning where one man died and another was critically wounded. It is unknown what caused the fight or if the two men knew each other.

And as always, stay current with Oakland's murder rate on my long running article here.
I will update this page as new revelations surface such as homicide victims names or if the case was solved and the murdered brought to justice.